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Party Structure of Green Party Taiwan: Distributed Model of Grass Root Democracy

Special party subcommittee ----> Topics party committee ---> GPT Headquarters

Local party subcommittee ------> County party committee--->

______________________ In Green Party Taiwan, the power belongs to the subcommittees. The central party committee does not centralize the power. ______________________

With only 17 green friends who share the same environmental concerns like you, you could form a special topic party subcommittee or local party subcommittee with them you can contribute a lot.

A FRESH NEW CHOICE --- Green Party Taiwan

Green Party Taiwan does not see members as votes. Green Party Taiwan cares about the personal development of its members. Green Party Taiwan periodically offers classes on green ideology and various other practical subjects.

Green Party Taiwan cares about female friends. Women should constitute at least one third of all internal party positions and one third of all party nominees in all elections.

Fall in Love with the Green Party ...Please join the green march.

Membership is open to any person from Taiwan older than 18 years of age, upholds the values and beliefs of Green Party Taiwan and is willing to obey the Constitution of Green Party Taiwan.

The initial application fee is NT$ 800 (US$30) with an additional annual fee of NT$ 1,200 (US$40) per year for each branch joined. Students with appropriate documentation may recieve a 50% discount.

Please forward your name, address and membership check to:

Green Party Taiwan
10F-1, 281, Roosevelt Road, Sec.3
Taipei City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-3621362
Fax: 886-2-3621361

Drop us an E-Mail: gptaiwan@ms10.hinet.net to our headquarters in Taipei,

If you are in North America, you may contact our overseas branch at rain@formosa.org , kychen@Glue.umd.edu or tllin@UDel.Edu

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