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Green Party Taiwan's Position on Economic Development, January 1997

1. A Socially Just Tax Reform

We advocate to reform the present capitalistic tax system that is aimed at stimulating productivity to a socially just tax system that emphasizes ecological protection and social distribution of wealth. This reformation includes terminating the rental benefits to the industrial sector, increasing the graduate tax rate, implementing a tax for the "super riches", and vastly reducing the tax burden on the low salary class. The Green Party believes that a reasonable distribution of national wealth will help to form a mutually trusting and diligent society and thus lead to a highly productive nation with high living standards.

2. Establishing a Labor-Capitalist Democratic Production System

Modify corporate law and relevant legal policies to reflect the equal importance of both labors and capitalists in their contribution to national productivity, and to encourage labors' involvement in the decision making process of the industry. On the level of national economic development policy, we call for a legalized system to procure the involvement of the workers in shaping the future national policies.

3. Redefining the Long Term Development Goals

Incorporate social ethical growth index and ecological ethical growth index into the long term development goals of the society. The right for a clean environment should be augmented to the Constitution as the basic right of the people.

4. Establishing a New Land System based on Development Right

Introduce the development right that acts in parallel to the owner's right on all land units, and establish a system of lotteries for lands of different purposed. Through the exchange of the development right, the opportunity cost of the land utilization and the profit of the land development can be socialized. The country should also establish a clear standard to determine the appropriate time length of the development right on the developed land, and collect fee from renewing expired development rights to fund the public construction projects.

5. Establishing Energy Efficiency Control and Resource Recycling System

A high graduate fee rate for energy utilization should be implemented to gradually replace the less efficient industries. Establish a system to label the energy efficiency and recycling index on all commercial products. Lead the industry to develop along the "green" direction by enforcing yearly efficiency improvement requirement through a standardized reward and penalty system.

6. Implementing a Salary Class Centered Economic Enhancement Policy

Redirect the tax return/benefit from company owners to the salary class. Advocate policies to encourage multiple skill training and counseling at work and to outline the legal responsibilities of the industry; hence, founding a firmer basis for the future development of the national productive force.

7. Involving Minority Groups in Major Economic Decisions such as Joining WTO to Reflect the Effect of Globalization on Domestic Worker Class

Establish a system to objectively analyze the effect of globalization on the aborigines and other less represented minorities. Involve minorities in the decision making process of major national economic decision such as the joining of WTO and the relevant negotiations.

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Green Party Taiwan's Energy Policy

On May 25, 1996, the Legislative Yuan passed the Abolish Nuclear Power Plant Act. This stimulate a big debate on energy policy.. For energy policy Green Party Taiwan believes that environmental protection and public safety are the first thing to be considered. Energy conservation and improve the energy efficiency are the major target of energy policy. The industry policy, transportation policy, housing policy and environment policy should be consistent with energy policy. For energy policy we propose:

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Green Party Taiwan's Position on Taiwan's Constitution Reform

During the National Assembly meeting period in May 1996, Green Party Taiwan proposed the following program for Taiwan's constitution reform:

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