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In March 1996 amid the great tension between China and Taiwan, former chairman of the British Green Party Madam Penny Kemp learned from the Washington Post of the establishment of the first Green Party in Asia by environmentally conscious in Taiwan. Despite the political sensitivity of the time, Madam Kemp came to Taiwan to rally for Green Party Taiwan in the upcoming presidential election and the National Assembly election. Thus establishing the first official relationship between Green Party Taiwan and the European Green Parties Federation. In May 1996, the speaker of the Australian Green Party, congressman Bob Brown, also came to Taiwan to visit several environmental protection groups and Green Party Taiwan. This visit further strengthened the alliance between Taiwan and the environmentally conscious people in the world.

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Penny Helps Taiwan Greens Win Seat


Date: 23.3.96 IMMEDIATE


In response to a plea for help from the Taiwan Green Party Ms Penny Kemp, a member of the Executive of the Green Party of England and Wales, has been in Taipei, capital of Taiwan this week. Just two months after its formation the Taiwan Green Party has won one seat in Congress in today's elections. Speaking from Taipei Ms Kemp said, "Everyone here is overjoyed that the newly formed Green Party has a won a seat. Also in a referendum on a proposed nuclear power station held alongside the election the electorate has rejected nuclear power." The Green Party campaigned for this NO vote to nuclear power.

The Taiwan Green Party has thanked Penny Kemp for going to Taiwan to help with their campaign and believe that her presence contributed towards their successes. Penny's visit and her support for the Taiwan Greens was widely reported in the media in Taiwan. Kao Mon-Ting is the Green Party candidate who has won a seat in the Congress. Taiwan uses a proportional representation system.

Ms Kemp, the External Communications Coordinator for the Green Party of England and Wales, was invited to Taiwan by Irene Ho of the Taiwan Green Party. Ms Kemp took with her a statement of support from the British Green Party for their colleagues in Taiwan. The statement calls upon the Chinese government to stop its military exercises off the coast of Taiwan .

Yesterday Ms Kemp met the Mayor of Taipei county who went green for the occasion. He wore a green suit and tie and gave Ms Kemp green tea. He did this to show his support for the Green's campaign against nuclear power. The Mayor, Dr Yu Chin, is a member of Taiwan's second largest party, the Democratic Progressive Party. ...ends Contact: Alan Francis, Press Officer (01908) 316921 Penny Kemp in Taiwan 00886 2 314 1181 /2122 Irene Ho, Taiwan Green Party 00886 2 369 8003/2498 (Fax)

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Brussels, 19 March 1996

To the Taiwanese Green Party

The European Federation of Green Parties id dedicated to the development of a sustainable and socially just Europe and to elaborate a concept for conflict prevention and non-violence in our continent. These goals are pursued by our 28 Federation member parties, which are represented in 13 European national parliaments and the European Parliament.

An aim of equal importance to the Federation is to support the development of alternative global structures, based on well known Green concepts and in cooperation with parties and movements elsewhere that are sharing Green values. To this end, the Federation have long standing contacts with Green Parties in North America, Latin America, Australia and Africa.

The European Federation of Green Parties therefore welcomes the opportunity for development of Green ideas in Taiwan, offered by the participation of the Taiwanese Green Party in the elections of March 23rd. Success for Green ideas in these elections as well as a No to nuclear power in the referendum on the same date is of great importance to the Green Movement of the world.

Green ideas worldwide mean supporting development of an ecologically sustainable and a socially just society. Green ideas mean abolishing nuclear power, protecting human rights and minorities, safeguarding equal rights for women as well as for the disadvantaged. Green ideas comprise basic human rights, including the right to healthy and clean environment; to free education, social protection and paid work; to full participation regardless of gender, race, creed, birthplace, parentage, disability or sexuality. Greens also campaign for greater democratic control and openness in institutions of power.

In terms of global security, Green ideas mean a comprehensive concept of security, which cannot be defined solely in military terms. Social, economic, ecological, psychological and cultural aspects have to be taken into account. Thus Green policies concentrate on the prevention of armed conflicts, on removing the cause of war and on developing of peaceful conflict resolution. Investment in combating racism, understanding and respecting other cultures and ending global poverty would be the strongest and most effective security plan.

The European Federation of Green Parties wholeheartedly supports the promotion of these Green ideas by the Taiwanese Green Party and the right of the Taiwanese people to determine their own future. All intimidation and threats, denying the Taiwanese people these basic human and democratic rights must be condemned. The European Federation of Green Parties hopes that the present tension will be solved by peaceful means.

The Federation wishes the Taiwanese Green Party great success in promoting the Green ideas in the forthcoming parliamentary elections and in the referendum on nuclear power.

Ralph Mono Secretary General

European Federation of Green Parties EP-BEL 3.142, R. Belliard 97-113, B-1047 Brussels, BELGIUM Ph: (32) 2-2845135, Fax: 2849135

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