Declaration of Green Party Taiwan General Assembly

June 23, 1996

The Green Movement entails ecological, environmental, peace, feminist, and human rights movements. The Green Movement is the manifestation of citizens who have risen to oppose the environmental pollution and social crisis brought about by industrialism. Technological developments, human shortsightedness, and the blind pursuit of economic growth since the industrial revolution lead to forest destruction, water pollution, acid rain, global warming, and a myriad of ecological crisis. International arm races and pollutant exports further exacerbate this crisis and constitute a serious intrusion of the living rights of millions of women, children, and minority groups. We human beings are confronted with a dilemma that the only way to safeguard social justice and maintain survival conditions is through mutual cooperation and understanding. The Green Movement is the new social movement in the end of the twentieth century.

Inspired by the 1983 election victory of the Green Party in Germany, many new Green Parties sprouted throughout the world, advocating ecological protection and social justice. In addition, twenty-eight Green Parties in Europe formed an alliance to further their international influence; and many of them hold over 10% of people's ballots. The Green Parties have become the major political phenomenon and trend in the end of the twentieth century.

The Green Party Taiwan was established on January 25, 1996. In a mere two months, the Green Party successfully elected a representative into National Assembly. The wide popularity of the Green Party's ideologies reflects the unlimited potential of the Green Party at Taiwan.

At this time, when the three major parties of Taiwan are blindly pursuing after political power, the Green Party represents more than just another party. With a progressive attitude and uncompromising ideology from the perspective of a minority party, the Green Party Taiwan provides a choice for the people at Taiwan to voice their urge for respect and justice. Through the power of ballots, Green Party Taiwan is also a mean to compel the three major parties to adopt the progressive policies of green party to move towards a more equal, just, and humanistic society.

The exuberant developments of the ecological movement, feminist and aborigine's self-determination, antinuclear movement, judicial reformation, human rights movement, workers' coalition, homosexual movement, and handicap movement all signify the burgeoning "green-conscience" of the Taiwanese people. The Green Party Taiwan will uphold this historic mission, combine the forces of all the people who respect life and nature, and work towards this goal of construction a better land for all.

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